Our attitude to custom typography is to craft a multi layered lettering style which conveys the meaning and message at the centre of any given project


The magic of ink, graphite and brush

We really believe typography is magical and this is thoroughly reflected in our design process. Before even putting pen, pencil or brush to paper, we speak with our clients to understand what they are trying to communicate. Our design process involves incorporating different structures within the type. So, when taking a close look, one might see blocks of crumbling concrete, teardrops falling gently or thunderbolts. Either way, we always start with free hand drawings. A pencil might be used to create a lifelike effect, while an abstract feel could be achieved with a brush pen. Projects requiring a classic or antiquated aesthetic may be realised with a calligraphic method. We then refine our creations digitally to produce unique and eye catching lettering styles, exhibition signage and campaign materials.