There's no better way to impress a message than through beautiful, memorable and skilful illustrative visuals



Our illustration abilities cut across several complementary genres, allowing us to produce exceptional artwork for editorial, music, fashion and food industries.

In an age of information overload, our print and digital editorial illustrations ensure that your audience connects with your stories. Storytelling is key to our work. Our illustrations illuminate your key message, trigger the imagination and complete the visual architecture of your publication. We work with established publications as well as start-up magazines, helping them to carve out their niche in the market. We also specialise in book cover artwork, ensuring your books standout on shelves, as well as on Amazon.

With our experience in the music and entertainment industries we are well placed to assist you in creating an eye catching visual identity for your product. We are particularly drawn to album cover art and festival and concert mural projects. It is an opportunity to capture the flow of creative juices that led to an artist's album, as well as creating a visually compelling piece of artwork capable of representing a musical body of work. We love this stuff!

Our clients in the fashion industry approach us for our free hand drawing and painting expertise. This enables us to convey a style or trend through elegant concept visuals, sketches, garment and print designs. We work with a variety of commercial, sports, menswear, womenswear and boutique brands. Our signature free hand style is complemented by the bold use of colour, digital manipulation and sensual shaping.

Increasingly, restaurants are realising that their hungry clients really appreciate experiential dining. They see an opportunity to engage their customers even before their beautifully arranged plates of goodness arrive. We have helped restaurants, cafés and pop-up stalls design fun, imaginative and informative food and drink menus, coffee cups and take-away packaging. 

Berjo is a joy to work with. Quartz had very little time to turn around 30 portraits of African innovators to be launched in conjunction with the World Economic Forum, and he was incredibly responsive, thoughtful, and diligent throughout the process. Hope to work with him again someday!
— Elan Kinderman, Art Director Quartz

Berjo is a talented illustrator. Whether it’s original concepts
or interpretations, the work is well considered and carefully crafted.
He’s punctual, responsive to feedback and a pleasure to work with.
I look forward to collaborating with him again!
— Moni Orife, Design Director Bandcamp