Stand out from the crowd, your peers and with your audience with a compelling and well thought out visual identity


Beyond branding

A lot is said about branding and visual identity. We believe branding and visual identity are essentially about connectivity and belonging. That is why we pride ourselves on engaging our clients in a continuous and thorough fact finding mission from initial instruction to the conclusion of the project.

Who are you? How did you get here? Why? Where are you going? Why? We need the answers to these crucial questions and pay close attention to what you say. Using our experience in graphic design, illustration and typography, we create a unique expression of your company’s character, vision and purpose. We also employ a systematic approach to your visual identity. On completion, clients receive a comprehensive design system which includes your logo, name, media assets, stationery templates and product packaging, suitable for both digital and print platforms.

Having worked to establish a captivating identity for you, it is important that your brand is consistently implemented. We ensure this by producing straightforward brand guidelines so your identity is always in safe hands. Equally, as they grow, companies approach us for ideas to refresh their visual identity. This may involve a few amendments to an existing brand or a complete overhaul. The options are endless.